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BREAKING: Clintons Involved In Massive $5 Billion N. Korea Scandal

We know that the Clinton family is just about as criminal as it gets. They have been involved in so much bad for this country that it is almost getting hard to keep track of. Ever since Bill Clinton was president, the United States has been struggling with scandals that originate from this man. One of the worst was what they did to give the North Koreans nuclear arms.

If this would not have taken place, we would not have a North Korea that thinks they can bomb the world. It started with Jimmy Carter and his peace-keeping attempts that ended in horror. He went to meet with the Koreans to give them a deal. He would provide 2 nuclear warheads and $5 billion in aid if they stopped actively looking for nuclear capability.

If it seems off to you, that is because it is way off. These people had no idea who they were dealing with at the time and it is going to have a very big impact on our nation going forward. Sadly, it is too late to deal with any of that now.

President Trump has been trying to take a pretty easy approach to this whole situation. He does not want any innocent people to lose their lives either. But the North Korean government is making that much harder to do than he originally anticipated. They think that they can keep threatening the United States as much as they want with no consequences.

Maybe that was okay to do with the Obama administration but not when it comes to Trump. He has made it clear that he will come down with “fury” if they continue on this hateful path. And it would not take much for the United States to completely destroy the small country.

North Korea has no real shot at hurting the United States. Our military capability is much too strong for them to even compete with. But that does not make it okay.

Just remember next time Kim Jong Un threatens the United States and its people that it is all thanks to the Clintons and what they did to help them gain nuclear capability.

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