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It looks like someone could be in considerable trouble as this information leaks out about some very nasty text messages exchanged about President Trump and Hillary Clinton. What you’re about to see may make you feel sick, so make sure you have a vomit bag ready because this is nothing less than ill-conceived evidence of the most irresponsible nonsense you’ll see for quite a while.

The FBI agent who was leading the investigation of Hillary Clinton, and her inability to properly handle classified information on her private email server, was recently revealed to be a complete fraud caught with some shady text messages that could have possibly lead to creating problems for Robert Mueller’s look into Russia.

His name is Peter Strzok, and you may not know it, but he was taken off Mueller’s probe into Russia only a few weeks into joining the team. The only problem is that no one seemed to know about it, or if they did, then they didn’t know why Mueller removed him from probing Russia. The text messages revealed that he was showing support for Hillary Clinton even though he as supposed to be investigating her. That sure sounds like a significant conflict of interest. That’s like betting on your football team to lose, then throwing interceptions on purpose.

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private email server and whose text messages about both Donald Trump and Clinton have created issues for Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, had praised Clinton even while he was supposedly investigating her, The Washington Post reported.

Strzok had been taken off of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe just weeks after joining it this summer, although the reasons behind the removal were possibly kept from the public until earlier this month. It would have been potentially damaging to the investigation in general if people knew why Strzok was removed. But now the information is out there for everyone to take in, digest, and ponder how it affects everything that’s going on with investigatory work.

It turns out that Strzok appears to be a huge fan of Hillary Clinton and that’s not the type of person who can conduct a neutral and factual investigation. Anyone investigating a politician should be able to remain unbiased, not partisan, to provide the most accurate results possible.

Sending text messages back and forth with other people that praise Clinton and talk horribly about Donald Trump are likely the exact reason that Strzok was removed from the team investigating Clinton.

Conservative Tribune reports:
“That’s when it was discovered that Strzok had been sending anti-Trump, pro-Clinton text messages to an FBI lawyer he was having an affair with, creating a conflict of interest even too great for special counsel Mueller to bear.

That was bad enough, but it was now revealed that some of those messages involved pro-Clinton sentiments while Strzok, the former deputy head of counterintelligence for the bureau, was conducting the email investigation. Strzok also changed the text in former FBI Director James Comey’s draft statement on the Clinton matter to say that the former secretary of state’s actions had been “extremely careless,” not “grossly negligent.”

The texts were part of an information dump on Congress on Tuesday, where the House Judiciary Committee was preparing to hear testimony from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday.

The most damning series of texts, which were among a series of exchanges between Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer he was having an affair with, seemed to imply that Hillary should win any election by a margin of “100,000,000-0.”

“God, Trump is a loathsome human,’’ a text sent in the early hours of March 4, 2016 by Page to Strzok reads.

“Yet he may win.’’ Strzok said, adding, “Good for Hillary.”

“It is,’’ Page replied.

At the end of the conversation, Strzok said, “God, Hillary should win 100,000,000-0.’’

These slightly controversial text messages exchanged between Strzok occurred while he was leading an investigation on Hillary Clinton’s classified information in her private server. There lies an apparent conflict of interest as one can’t be expected to successfully report accurate information that could be used to implicate someone in a crime. How can someone find information to use against someone they support? They most likely would not reveal that information on account of the fact that they support the person they’re investigating.

What if you, the reader, was told to investigate your best friend for a crime? Would you accidentally leave information out? Would you do anything to place your friend in prison? It’s a conflict of interest to go against someone you support, right?

What will happen with the investigation? Is it completely ruined or can it be fixed?

Is it possible that Strzok goes to prison for being a huge flop on his lead in the investigation?

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