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CNN’s Ratings Go Down Because Of Trump!

Back in June, CNN took a major hit — and it’s mainly because of James O’Keefe for unveiling their irrelevant and misleading reporting and President Donald Trump for his tireless urge for the truth.

As reported by GP, regarding the month of May, CNN had an average of 821,000 viewers per hour during the whole day and 1.12 million sum viewers at the time of the prime time hours.

Parallel to them, FOX News had an average of 1.42 million viewers per hour during the whole day and 2.24 million viewers at prime time, which is double the amount of viewers throughout prime time hours as CNN.

Until the end of June, because of CNN getting caught numerous of ‘fake news’ scandals, its numbers took an immense hit. Back on Wednesday June 28th CNN’s numbers took a dive to merely 666,000 TV viewers during the the day and merely 882,000 viewers throughout primetime.

These concerning numbers were around 80% of May’s monthly average for summed up day TV viewers and prime time viewers or 20% drop. On the other hand, FOX News had TV viewership that escalated from May with 1.705 million sum viewers in a day per hour average and 2.647 viewers throughout prime time for a 20% spike.

CNN was bashed by President Trump and Project Veritas for their fakeness and irrelevance in reporting and it has manifested heavily on them.


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