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Investigation Into Trump Server Found That Hillary And Obama Will End Up In Prison!!!

We all know that Obama and Hillary are crooked!

Obama and Hillary used all the power they have to stop Trump becoming president. And they used all federal agencies to go after Trump, which is a total DICTATORSHIP in America!!!

For this they should go in jail for life!!!

According to Circa’s Sara Carter, an investigation into a Trump server found no evidence of Russian collusion. She spoke to Sean Hannity Thursday on Fox News.

“So there were two warrants granted,” Hannity asked. “One was the FISA warrant, explain that and the other warrant, and explain that they found no evidence of any Russian collusion at all, and that’s what your report says?”

“Yeah, basically what we discovered through our sources,” Carter said, “was that the investigation into Trump’s server, which remember, is not inside Trump Tower, but outside Trump Tower, but registered to Trump, showed no evidence of any criminal activity that would warrant any kind of prosecution of anybody in the Trump team. So that was a very short-lived investigation.”

.@SaraCarterDC: “We know that the warrant to look into ’s server found nothing criminal in that investigation.” 


How is this possible?! This is insane! Obama and Hillary are the biggest danger for America!

They are epic disaster to American democracy and whole system.

For what they did they should pay huge price.

Trump is a hero, he is a real fighter, he won against FBI, CIA, NSA and whole federal government!

Now they are fighting him again, trying to make him a failed and bad president!

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