Jaw Dropping Detail About Obama’s 1st Speech

We were all wondering how Obama would cash in after he left the White House. He set up a foundation, like the Clinton’s, in what most saw as a scheme to launder cash just like his Sec. of State Hillary Clinton did.

Now we have an idea of his plans. Obama will deliver his first public speech since leaving the White House at a dinner event sponsored by The Hunter Foundation.

The cost to attend the event on May 26 in Edinburgh, Scotland, is approximately £5,000 per table, or about $6,100.

The Hunter Foundation is funded by Scottish billionaire Tom Hunter, who was a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

The laundromat is open for business, it’s your turn Barack Obama. According to the Daily Caller, Hunter donated between $10 million to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation in the fourth quarter of 2016.

His foundation also made a $100 million commitment over a 10-year period to the Clinton Foundation to aid African farmers with an initial focus on Malawi and Rwanda. The effort, established in 2006 was organized as the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, a part of the larger Clinton Foundation.

The ties that bind.

The proceeds from the former president’s speech will be split between the Obama Foundation and various children’s charities in Scotland.

No word on how much Obama demanded to speak or if he will put that in his new slush fund like foundation.

Speaking of that Obama said it will be,

“More than a library or museum, it will be a living, working center for citizenship.”

Or a working criminal outfit like the Clinton foundation. We shall see

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