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Liberals Furious NHL Picked Trump-Supporter Kid Rock to Perform at All-Star Game

Liberals are furious at the National Hockey League after the announcement that politically conservative singer Kid Rock was hired to perform at the upcoming All-Star Game on February 18.

Sports writer Andrew Bucholtz joined with and gave a platform to the liberal outrage in his report at The Comeback on January 17.

Bucholtz, for instance, continually called Kid Rock by his given name in his report on the gig instead of calling him by his better-known stage name. It is unlikely that the writer would do the same for liberal entertainers such as Lady Ga Ga or Madonna.

The writer also seemed annoyed that hockey great Jeremy Roenick noted his delight that Kid Rock was hired to entertain fans at the All-Star Game.

In the press conference announcing the choice, Roenick said that they “can’t get a better guy” than Kid Rock for the game.

“When I talk to people about you,” Roenick said to the singer, “I say, Kid Rock is the most talented musician, I think ever, on the planet, because you can put any instrument in your hand or on your mouth and you can play anything and rock a house and sing any kind of genre.”

Kid Rock replied by joking, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

But, as Bucholtz revealed, a list of folks on Twitter were incensed that Rock was chosen to perform at the game; because the Detroit-based singer is a well-known supporter of President Donald Trump and a Republican booster. Kid Rock even briefly contemplated running for the U.S. Senate from Michigan.

But, liberal members of the media attacked the NHL on Twitter calling Kid Rock a “racist” and slamming the league for “going political” with the choice:

Hemal Jhaveri

Minorities, people of color and women already feel like the NHL doesn’t gaf about them. Having Kid Rock as the All-Star game entertainment just underlies that point.

1:20 AM – Jan 17, 2018
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Alisha Grauso

I’ve never seen @NHL fans more united than they are right now in hating the announcement that Kid Rock is playing the #NHLAllStar game.

1:41 AM – Jan 17, 2018
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Sung Min Kim

The NHL looked at how much attention that college football got for having trendy, young, peak-popularity artist in Kendrick Lamar play the halftime show. So they decided to get…

*squints eyes*

Kid Rock. huh

1:40 AM – Jan 17, 2018
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Evan Sporer
And they say we’re supposed to keep politics out of hockey smh …

1:00 AM – Jan 17, 2018
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