McCONNELL : I think TRUMP Learning The Job

The Senate Majority Leader McConnell is starting to defend President Trump on some of his past decisions. He has been breaking with some of his campaign promises but has good reason in doing it.

He stated, “I think he’s learning the job. I think President Trump is learning the job and some of the things that were said during the campaign I think he now knows that simply not the way things ought to be.”

It is obvious that Trump has to change on some things, so there is no need to get on to him for it. When he was asked if voters should expect their presidents to keep all of their promises, McConnell said there was “nothing wrong” with some of Trump’s policy changes.

“In fact I welcome adjustments that he makes from the campaign,” he said during an interview. “I can’t think of a single candidate who hasn’t changed their mind once being elected president.”

Sometimes it seems, President Trump and Mitch McConnell have split their beliefs down the middle. Such as when Trump promised that the border wall would be paid for solely by Mexico. When McConnell was asked about this notion he responded by giving a stern, “Uh, no.”

Also, when President Trump referred to NATO “obsolete,” McConnell said that it is “the most important military alliance in world history and is more important than it ever was.”

Hopefully these are just a few minor setbacks during a long and important relationship. It is refreshing to see McConnell stick up for President Trump on the conflicts that have recently arisen. They have been working close by in order to get laws passed that are so important for helping our country get back on its feet.

Are you guys happy to see McConnell sticking up for President Trump after some of these big decisions ?

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