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Trey Gowdy Laid The TRUTH About Russian Collusion!

The biggest irony in the liberal war against President Trump is their infamous claims that Trump wanted to win so badly that he actually betrayed America and colluded with Russia but in the very same time they have a contrast opinion led by Michael Wolff’s pathetic book that claims he didn’t even want to become a president.

So which way is it liberals? He wanted or he didn’t.

In his latest interview with Fox News, Trey Gowdy asked this question and pushed them to show their proofs of the Russian collusion.

[Corey Lewandowski] has said all along that there’s absolutely no collusion, that he has nothing to hide. Was there anything in today’s testimony that changed that?” – Fox News’ MacCallum asked. On this, Gowdy laughed.

Nothing, there is no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Russians, between the Trump campaign and the Russians, even between, frankly between hangers-on and wannabes on the campaign. Now we’re not through interviewing witnesses, but the only person who says he’s seen evidence of collusion is Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), and somehow or another, he saw it before we even began,” he answered.

Other than that, no one can cite any evidence of collusion which is why they’re now pivoting, Martha, to the obstruction of justice claim and away from collusion,” Gowdy added.

Did Adam Schiff find anything to be concerned with Corey Lewandowski today?”MacCallum questioned again. On this, Gowdy laughed again. “Oh, Adam can always find something to be concerned with, even if he has to manufacture it. His biggest problem is that he got out in front of his skis and said that he had evidence of collusion that was more than circumstantial, and there ain’t none,” He added.

Gowdy is the right man that asks the right questions. Do you agree?

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