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Trey Gowdy Smells Something Very Fishy In Washington, Leaves Obama’s Deep State Cronies Scrambling To Protect…

The shadow government operated by Hillary, Obama and George Soros was drowning the U.S. budget for years.

It seems like Trey Gowdy is making big dust in the media lately, as he started to humiliate Democrats.

Now, Obama’s former administration is shaking and fearing from the worst. Take a look.

According to American Conservative Herald:

Representative Gowdy is on a streak when it comes of humiliating Democrats. He is now asking former FBI agent who was in charge for all Trump, Hillary, Russia actions. It’s about Peter Strzok who was also involved in Hillary’s email scandals.

The Daily Caller asked in a statement: Why an anti-Trump agent was in charge for the Clinton’s email investigation. Gowdy exposed what was Strzok doing while overseeing Clinton and Trump-Russia investigations, on a Fox News interview on Thursday.

Many wonder why Strzok changed the wording for Hillary’s behavior with her private server from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.”

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“It’s really difficult to say, ‘we’re not gonna prosecute you’ when we use the precise words, so he changed it to extremely careless,” he explained. “There is no difference–the only difference is they didn’t want to use the wording in the statute.”

“If he had pro-Clinton or anti-Trump bias, what the hell was he doing interviewing Hillary Clinton?” asked Gowdy.

More concerning is the fact that Strzok was chosen directly from Robert Mueller to be part of the Trump-Russia and Hillary investigations. Rosenstein, McCabe, Strzok, Rice, Holder, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, and many other should be hardly examined.

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Clearly Democrats are trying to hide something and we believe the biggest corruption scandal on this Mueller investigation is yet to be revealed. The fact that they should be charged with a prison sentence, is something we shouldn’t discuss about. Everyone who tried to to damage to American people, should be punished by them in the end.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: American Conservative Herald.

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