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Trump Finds Out McCain Is In The Hospital, Immediately Does The 1 Thing NOBODY Expected

Sen. John McCain has been diagnosed with cancer and has a hard time going through his recovery.

He has been readmitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this week to continue his cancer treatments.

But, when President Donald Trump found out that he was readmitted to the hospital, he did something no one expected.

John missed an entire week on the Senate floor, and before he was readmitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Wednesday, fellow member of the Senate raised their concerns regarding his increasingly low stamina. They also noticed that he is far more fragile since the beginning of his treatments in order to fight cancer.

According to our source, Mad World News, while all of his symptoms are to be expected from a patient undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, there are nonetheless disconcerting for his colleagues to watch unfold.

“Senator McCain is currently receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for normal side effects of his ongoing cancer therapy. As ever, he remains grateful to his physicians for their excellent care, and his friends and supporters for their encouragement and good wishes. Senator McCain looks forward to returning to work as soon as possible,” his office said.

On Friday, when Donald Trump found out that he was readmitted to the hospital, he immediately called the Senator’s wife Cindy to offer the whole family his best wishes and inquire as to how everything was going. The President simply wanted to check up how McCain was doing and offer his support during this difficult time.

Even though McCain has stood against Donald Trump, that didn’t stop our President from standing by his side while he is fighting cancer. It’s beautiful to see that Trump leaves the politics aside in order to offer McCain’s family his heartfelt support.

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Featured Image Source. H/T: Mad World News.

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