UPDATE: The Reason Behind Eric Bolling’s Son Death Is Terrifying

Eric Bolling was let go from Fox News after it was determined that he acted inappropriately by sending nude pictures of male genitalia to female colleagues. He was suspended from the network in August after the story first broke and had not made it back on the the airwaves since. It was announced yesterday that he would not be returning to the network.

Just a few hours later it was learned that Bolling’s 19 year old son died. Not many details were released right after the death but more and more have been coming in. According to those close to the family, the 19 year old died of a drug overdose. Many people say that his father’s problems at Fox has had an impact on him.

Eric Chase, Bolling’s son, was have extremely embarrassed by all of these stories surrounding his father. He did not like the fact that he was in the limelight for a reason like this. It ultimately led to his death. Many have since come to his side, saying that they will help in anyway they can. Right now, the family needs your prayers more than ever.

New reports just released say that he took his life in Boulder, Colorado on Friday night. He committed suicide one day after his father was let go from Fox News. Chase attended school there. He left “The Five” after he was said to have sent photos of himself to co-workers at the time. This was not proven but the network thought they had enough to fire him.

After hearing the news, Fox News released a statement.

“We are very saddened to hear of the passing of Eric Bolling’s son. Eric Chase was a wonderful young man and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bolling family.”

They might be regretting the decision to fire this man after hearing this news. Bolling is said to have been a wonderful father to Chase and the death took everyone by surprise. Nobody saw this one coming.

It is hard to come back from a death of a child. But if someone can do it, it is Eric Bolling. He is a man that knows what to say.

Please send you prayers during this time of sadness.

(h/t TMZ)

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